10th anniversary - How it all began

This is the story of how the Swedish horse game Star Stable Online became a global phenomenon and changed the gaming world.

Against the odds

Before Star Stable Online arrived in 2011, there was little that foreshadowed it would anchor a powerful multimedia platform for girl gamers and women game developers.

The story starts with a gang of developers, storytellers and investors stubbornly clinging to their dream of launching an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) with horses. They represent the industry go-getters that made Sweden a global force in games: ambitious guys with an interest in digital technology and fantastic games who dreamed of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Read more...

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Factsheet - 10th Anniversary


About Star Stable

Star Stable Entertainment is the home of the #1 fastest-growing horse adventure game in the world - Star Stable Online. 

With over 21 million registered users, across 180 countries, and supported in 14 languages we are proud to provide an expanding gaming and entertainment platform that fosters social connections, adventures and creativity for an undeserved community of gamers.

Founded in 2011, Star Stable Entertainment has grown to become a multi-channel entertainment company; the home of an independent record label, short form animations, book series, comics and mobile apps.

We are a dedicated, eclectic team of over 170 employees, hailing from 25 different countries around the globe and we remain steadfast in our mission; to inspire girls, to celebrate the power of sisterhood and to create a more inclusive gaming environment.

We are on an adventure to scale our unique impact in the world with several games in development across desktop/mobile, working with both internal and external development teams. And, we’re hiring! Learn more about our our open roles at jobs.starstable.com.

Star Stable Music

With Star Stable Music, the Stockholm-based company builds a bridge between the gaming and world of music. The label works with female talent to bring life to the in game on and offline.

Music from Star Stable can be streamed under the following links:

Star Stable on Spotify.
Star Stable on Deezer.
Star Stable on Apple Music.



Star Stable Books

The adventure continues with the Soul Riders fantasy trilogy published worldwide in seven languages. 




Mistfall is a all-new animated adventure from Star Stable Entertainment. The 2D, 10-minisode series features voice talent from Jorvik to Hollywood.

Star Stable: Mistfall series extends the popular Star Stable Online game franchise, targeting today’s tween/teen girl.

Written by Emmy Award winning writer and showrunner Alice Prodanou (Hotel Transylvania, Inspector Gadget, 6teen, and My Babysitter’s a Vampire), the series (10 episodes, 5 minutes each) introduces a new heroine, Skye Ansari, and tells a story full of friendship, horses, and mystery.

Featuring all-new storylines, Mistfall’s narrative and characters run parallel to those in the popular online game. While engaging Star Stable’s loyal online community of tween/teen girls, the series gives a new way to interact with the brand attracting new audiences.

In addition to series development and production, Star Stable Entertainment is partnering with Ferly for all licensing and branding, with this first Mistfall series leading to further scripted content in the franchise, including a long-form version of the series currently in development.


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