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Inspiring girls to be the heroes of their own story.

Star Stable Entertainment is the home of the #1 fastest-growing horse adventure game in the world - Star Stable Online. Founded in 2011, Star Stable Entertainment has grown to become a multi-channel entertainment company; the home of an independent record label, short form animations, book series, comics and mobile apps.

We are a dedicated, eclectic team of over 170 employees, hailing from 25 different countries around the globe and we remain steadfast in our mission; to inspire girls, to celebrate the power of sisterhood and to create a more inclusive and diverse gaming environment.

Join us!

We are on an adventure to scale our unique impact in the world with several games in development across desktop/mobile, working with both internal and external development teams. And, we’re hiring! Learn more about our our open roles at

About Star Stable Online

In a primarily male-dominated industry, Star Stable Online dreamed of stirring-up the gaming scene. Leading to the creation of the ultimate female-gaze Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) horse game: Star Stable Online (SSO).

A magical world full of endless adventures in which every girl is the hero of their own story.

Powered by mystic worlds, epic storytelling and a diverse sisterhood of more than 600,000 monthly players and over 21 million registered users; Star Stable Online is now an inspiration for girls and horse lovers all over the world.

Star Stable Music

We challenge the norm by exploring creativity and supporting female talent across different media outlets, while enriching our player's adventures inside Star Stable Online.

Our music and artist repertoire is a combination of the best music producers, game characters, and real life music artists. All of them bringing the most outstanding creativity and talent to our label. Star Stable Music can be enjoyed inside and outside of the game.

With more than 20 million streams and over 40k monthly listeners, we are proud to expand our player's gaming experience. Soundtracks, pop, country, rock, or even dubstep: Star Stable Music is diversed, playful and packed with top notch productions. Put your headphones on and give us a listen on: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Deezer.

Wanna know more? Check out our artists here.

Star Stable Books

Our mission goes beyond inspiring girls while sitting in front of a screen. We also encourage our players to let their imagination run wild and immerse themselves into our Star Stable book adventures.

Published in more than 7 languages, our books take you deeper into Jorvik's magical rabbit hole: epic storytelling, sisterhood, diversity, bravery and , of course, lots of horses!

Take on your literal reins and get ready to enjoy the best Jorvian stories here.


Star Stable: Mistfall is an animated adventure from Star Stable Entertainment. The 2D, 10-minisode series features voice talent from Jorvik to Hollywood.

Written by Emmy Award winning writer and showrunner Alice Prodanou (Hotel Transylvania, Inspector Gadget, 6teen, and My Babysitter’s a Vampire), the series (10 episodes, 5 minutes each) introduces a new heroine, Skye Ansari, and tells a story full of friendship, horses, and mystery.

Featuring all-new storylines, Mistfall’s narrative and characters run parallel to those in the popular online game. While engaging Star Stable’s loyal online community of tween/teen girls, the series gives a new way to interact with the brand attracting new audiences.

In addition to series development and production, Star Stable Entertainment is partnering with Ferly for all licensing and branding, with this first Mistfall series leading to further scripted content in the franchise, including a long-form version of the series currently in development.


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