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With Star Stable Music, the Stockholm-based company builds a bridge between the gaming and world of music. The label works with female talent to bring life to the in game on and offline.

Music from Star Stable can be streamed under the following links:

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Star Stable Entertainment is a global entertainment company that creates games and stories across multiple touchpoints where girls discover adventure, ignite creativity and build friendships. It began with Star Stable Online, the online horse adventure set in the magical island called Jorvik. In Jorvik, girls explore an adventure from horseback, challenge themselves or friends in one of the many races, solve quests and meet new friends. In 2020, we have 14M game hours for Star Stable Online and 1,4M players active in our games every month. At Star Stable Entertainment, our ambition is to serve new products and offer new interactive experiences with better representation for girls of all ages: a second book trilogy inspired by the game for yet another worldwide launch, music releases on our own music label, new media in the shape of an animated series, an updated horse themed care app, and an adorable multiplayer mobile adventure.



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