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Soul Riders Trilogy Darkness Falling Releases

Star Stable Debuts the Final Installment of the Soul Riders Book Trilogy based on the Massively Popular Adventure Game, Star Stable Online

Star Stable Entertainment, maker of Star Stable Online, the most popular online horse game for tweens/teens around the world, is unveiling Soul Riders: Darkness Falling - the third and final installment of the Soul Riders fantasy book trilogy by the author Helena Dahlgren, now available on Amazon for $8.99. Soul Riders: Darkness Falling was preceded by Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling and its sequel, Soul Riders: The Legend Awakens. From cozy stables to stormy nights and magical places, Soul Riders: Darkness Falling is a thrilling adventure where the fate of the world lies in the hands of four friends and their horses. The four Soul Riders, Lisa, Anne, Linda, and Alex are facing their greatest test yet – Mr. Sands’ sinister plans are threatening to destroy life on Jorvik. Only the Soul Riders and their horses have the power to stop him
and his Dark Riders. To succeed, the Soul Riders must learn to master the magic. But they are running out of time and must rely on the power of their sisterhood to succeed.
This unforgettable conclusion to the Soul Riders trilogy promises courage, compassion, and an unwavering sense of justice. These four heroines will inspire tween and teen readers to believe in their own magic, too.

The book will be accompanied by a themed original music single, Darkness Falling, sung by Soul Rider character Lisa Peterson (voiced by Star Stable’s own accomplished singer, Amanda Örtenhag), available for streaming here. Additionally, the US books will also be available as audio books. In support of the book’s launch, Star Stable will be running the Read.Write.Unite campaign which will feature a series of writing masterclasses on their YouTube channel throughout April with author Helena Dahlgren to empower the next generation of writers to create their own stories. An accompanying short story
competition will reward one winner, who will have their story turned into an Instagram comic by illustrator Elli Puukangas.

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