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Star Stable launches #YesImAHorseGirl initiative, with new “Ride With Us” platform

Ride With Us_riding on the beachRide With Us_riding on the beach

Star Stable Entertainment is launching a new platform for it's #YesImAHorseGirl initiative, to redefine the term “horse girl” and associate it with a positive and inclusive attitude towards the equestrian community. The initiative comes after Star Stable asked more than 16,000 members of its community about their experience of being involved in the equestrian world and how they feel they are viewed by the general public.

Under the common tagline “Ride With Us”, the platform will launch on 25th of August, with a lot of activities such as music and events running until October 2022. The flagship Ride With Us platform will provide a hub where the Star Stable community can gather in a creative, inspirational, and engaging way.

Star Stable will also invite players to get involved with the initiative and join the discussion outside of the game, through social media and a downloadable action kit. It will also engage players to choose causes and initiatives for them to support and partner with. Players can also collect an exclusive free campaign hoody to wear in game, and for every hoody claimed, Star Stable will donate 1SEK to a partner chrity or project. 

The platform is designed to raise awareness and highlight how being involved in the equestrian world improves individuals’ self-esteem, strengthens their resilience, teaches them about responsibility, and builds leadership qualities. 

Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Star Stable revealed that whilst there were many positive associations with involvement in the horse community, a significant number of respondents have had negative experiences tied to their interest, including judgement from their peers. Notably, almost 1 in 5 (19%) of respondents in the US answered that they had experienced bullying because of their passion for horses. Further to this, the findings showed the term “horse girl” is associated with stereotypes like “obsessed” (48%), “weird” (42%), “annoying” (36%) and “crazy” (35%).

Star Stable is setting out to change this perception and focus on the positive effects of being a part of the horse-riding world, so that all individuals can enjoy the benefits of being in the community, without fear of exclusion or bullying. Along with saying that horse riding made them feel “free” (52%), “alive” (40%), “exhilarated” (37%), and “brave” (30%), 27% of respondents noted that they held management positions at their place of work, indicating that the activity provides valuable life skills.

Therése Forssell, Head of Communications at Star Stable Entertainment says “At Star Stable, we believe girls are strong enough already and don’t need to be empowered — it’s the outside world that needs to change their perception of “horse girls”. The perception around the term causes girls to quit their equestrian sport or suppress their riding interest and love for horses. Our aim is to highlight the positive impact of horses for millions of people around the world. The horse community fosters dedicated, hardworking and successful girls and women. Something that is still not acknowledged by the outside world.”

Therése Forssell, Head of Communications at Star Stable Entertainment adds “Horse riding and horse girls are treated differently based on gender stereotypes, compared to other sports, like soccer or hockey. What people are saying when they use the words “obsessed”, “crazy” and “annoying” is that they are afraid of dedicated, passionate, and strong-willed girls and women.”




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