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Star Stable Entertainment AB implements an organisational change

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Star Stable Entertainment AB has had steady growth since the game Star Stable Online was launched in 2011. The current situation in the world economy, with strong inflation and the falling purchasing power of consumers, has caused revenues and profitability to decrease since the record years during the pandemic. The company has therefore chosen to implement an organisational change with reductions in the workforce.


Union negotiations have begun, and employees have been updated with the latest  information on the morning of June 7, 2023. In total, approximately 15% of permanent employees are affected.


“It has been a difficult decision to make, but it is necessary to give the company the right conditions given the new market conditions. Last year we carried out a minor reorganisation and started implementing new ways of working to become more efficient and get an even clearer focus on our game Star Stable Online” says Johan Sjöberg, CEO at Star Stable Entertainment AB.


“I am convinced that Star Stable Entertainment has a bright future and that we will return to long-term sustainable growth by continuing to deliver a world-class product that our gaming community loves” adds Johan Sjöberg, CEO at Star Stable Entertainment.


Star Stable Entertainment AB will actively help, and support affected employees to find future employment.


For more information, please contact the communications Director:

Therese Forssell Lagerstam




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