2020-10-15 11:56Press release


Star Stable Entertainment, a global cross-channel entertainment company and creator of the popular adventure game Star Stable Online, along with Ferly, an animation, publishing and licensing company, today announce a new animated short-form series Star Stable: Mistfall to debut this December on YouTube – targeting today’s tween/teen girl.


Written by Emmy Award winning writer and showrunner Alice Prodanou (Hotel Transylvania, Inspector Gadget, 6teen, and My Babysitter’s a Vampire), the series (10 episodes, 5 minutes each) introduces a new heroine, Skye, and tells a story full of friendship, horses, and mystery.


In addition to series development and production, Star Stable Entertainment is partnering with Ferly for all licensing and branding, with this first Mistfall series leading to further scripted content in the franchise, including a long-form version of the series currently in development.


“Skye’s adventures in Mistfall fill a void in animated content that appeals to today’s multi-dimensional tween and teen girl,” said Taina Malén, Star Stable Entertainment’s Chief Business Development Officer. “Along with the animation and licensing expertise of the team at Ferly and the writing prowess of Prodanou – Mistfall will deliver a series that girls will want to watch again and again.”


Featuring all-new storylines, Mistfall’s narrative and characters run parallel to those in the popular online game. While engaging Star Stable’s loyal online community of tween/teen girls, the series gives a new way to interact with the brand attracting new audiences.


“The deep lore and expansive universe of Mistfall means there is huge scope for making wonderful stories and entire new worlds for players of the game to immerse themselves in, as well as new fans,” said Laura Nevanlinna, CEO of Ferly. “Star Stable Entertainment has nurtured an incredibly engaged audience of young people, a notoriously difficult demographic to capture the attention of. The room for further brand extensions, building an even wider audience, and serving the loyal fan base with more of what they love makes this a brilliant enterprise to partner on.”


Launched in 2011, Star Stable Online is a popular horse adventure online game. In April 2020, the massively multiplayer online game was played by 1.4 million active users living in 180 different countries, with each player logging an average of 18 hours of play that month. The franchise supports an active and highly engaged community of nearly 450,000 Instagram followers, 300,000 YouTube subscribers, and 255,000 Facebook fans. On TikTok, Star Stable fans have created more than 250 million pieces of content tagged #starstable.


With the introduction of the Mistfall animated series, Star Stable Entertainment is further extending its blockbuster franchise across multiple channels to become a leading entertainment platform for today’s girl with a massive following across games, books, music and now, animation. This year, the company published the first two books of its Soul Riders fantasy trilogy in 15 countries, with the third installment set for release next spring. In addition, original music from Star Stable Entertainment has garnered more than 5 million streams on all streaming platforms and in-game, growing at a rate of 100% annually.

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