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A year ago, I cut all my hair off. There was chaos at home and we argued a lot, but I had realized that I was trans. I look at my past now and see that I knew it all my life but I never had a safe place to explore it. The chaotic reaction at home meant I was quiet about this in real life, but I needed a place to try out he/him pronouns. I wrote he/him in my Star Stable Online bio and loved how it felt. My friends asked questions and let me explain that I wanted to experiment to see what I was comfortable with and now, half a year later, I've talked to many people here about it and everyone has been kind and supportive! I don’t hide in this community. I’m accepted.

In my family, it's hard to have your own opinion. Joining the Star Stable Community has taught me how to stay open minded. This has helped make me the person I am and who I’ll grow up to be.

Player: @stormybeanss

It is a game but it’s actually a community of people who genuinely support each other. That’s just amazing when I think about the world today. Star Stable Online has taught me that no matter where we are in the world, there is always a way to be together!

Player: @Carla_breezeluck_sso

I was in a bad spot before I joined Star Stable Online. I’d just moved away from my family and friends and I felt alone. I decided to give the game a shot. I ended up being the owner of a Riding Club, a family of players that’s been together for more than six years. It has changed my life.

I’m dyslexic and I’ve always struggled with reading, writing, and spelling. Before I even knew about this incredible game I could barely read! Needless to say, my confidence was low. Then I was introduced to Star Stable Online and there, I had to read to understand all of the quests. This process taught me to read and helped me catch up at school!



Devastating bushfires went through my hometown. We were evacuated and cut off for some time. Star Stable Online helped me get through it by taking my mind off the terrible things that were happening around me.

Player: @Ivycherriepie

MyucdhaId’mwcaaspsaebrlieouosfl.y unwell when I was a kid. When I played Star Stable Online, I felt safe and happy. We couldn't afford for me to be a Star Rider, but I still played everyday for two years because it felt as if I had another life. Now, eight years later I still feel at home at Jorvik. It's my happy place.

Player: @Lolaqueenwatcher

I loved that the community participated in the depression and suicide awareness campaign. You would take a picture of your character in certain colours to spread awareness. Same with the Rainbow Festival which happens during Pride Month. Seeing the game support these things warms my heart, especially as a member of the LGBT community.

Player: @Ameliadarkfight 17

Star Stable Online has helped me understand things like depression and anxiety. Some of my besties have struggled with these issues, including suicidal thoughts and eating disorders. I’ve become one of those people who can help friends out of a bad situation online or in real life.

Player: @Conniesapphirewild

I’ve been in trauma therapy for over two years. A couple of weeks ago something came up and my therapist asked me what my safe place was. I immediately told him Jorvik. Star Stable Online and the community there has helped me through so many hard times. Now, at 19 years old, whenever I start panicking I close my eyes for a couple seconds and imagine Jorvik in my mind - and I’m good to go!

Player: @Sso.asuna

When I joined Star Stable Online, I stepped into a world where I could truly be myself for the first time. You are accepted for who you are, and there’s no judging the things that you are passionate about.

Player: @Layne.sso

I had really done all there was to do in Jorvik, but one day riding looking for new activities, I came across a relatively unfamiliar arena. When I trotted my horse in, I was shocked to see a line of dressage riders in a dressage Riding Club! They were doing super basic moves but it was so different to everything else in the game. About a week later, I joined that very same Club. Later, I took everything I learned and created my own dressage Club called Iron Hooves. We stand strong to this day!

Player: @aprilpurplenight

When I found Star Stable Online, I found a way to forget about problems at school. I met some awesome people that I still talk to today and my confidence grew. This gave me the strength to start uploading content to YouTube, which has been a huge success. It’s taught me about being organized, communicating and listening, and finding creative ways to express myself.

Player: @Vera.Applefield

Three years ago a shy girl joined our Riding Club. She didn't dare to speak in Discord during events and only used the Star Stable Online Club chat. After a while she opened up more and now she is one of the most outgoing members - and a riding instructor! For me as the Club owner, it’s amazing to see someone grow so much.

Player: @Adriana.darkstream

My home life for the last few years has been going through constant rough patches. It’s got to the point where my friend group refers to the dark cloud over my house. Star Stable Online is an escape from that stress. For a few hours, I can go and pretend that nothing bad is going on.

Player: @Cassandra.wolffire

I co-owned my first Riding Club with two girls I didn’t know. We ran around Jorvik the whole night, making up a backstory for the Club and deciding outfits. We went on trail rides and galloped over South Hoof as the sun rose over the island. That night I went to sleep at 5 in the morning. When I woke up midday, we checked out the Halloween update together. I bought the black halloween cat and named it after our new Riding Club. It was the happiest moment of my Star Stable Online story.

Player: @hanna.farfly

Star Stable Online set me on the path of working in game development. That has changed my whole life. I literally don't know where I'd have ended up without this game.

Star Stable Online is a place where I can be me without fearing judgement. I always step back from people in real life because I’m introverted and scared of making mistakes. But in this community, I’m not. People like me for me. That’s what this community has taught me: you’re good enough as you are.

Player: @Lucylightninglund

Creating films has been an interest since I was very young. For six years, I shared videos with the Star Stable Online community and last year I fully ventured into YouTube content creation. It gained so much support and love that it was overwhelming - it still feels so surreal! Having people watch my videos has helped me feel like I have a future.



If it wasn't for Star Stable Online and the community, I fear I wouldn't have grown as much as I have. I’ve discovered who I am and who I am not, and recognise when I’m trying to fit in and not being myself.

Player: @justanotherpixel

Through my Riding Club I met one of my best friends. We've spent nights together training our horses, completing quests and discussing the radio shows we listen to together. Whenever I feel troubled or worried about something, I talk to her. I know she's always there to listen and give advice. She knows me best, even though we’ve never met in real life.

Player: @Jamiedarklake

At the start of the pandemic I was working 16 to 18 hour days for a well-known manufacturer of medical breathing equipment used by hospitals across the globe. It was so stressful at times. Before this, I played Star Stable Online when I could spare an hour or two. But during this period, I invested more in training my horses and completing quests - anything to switch off! Gradually, that led to new friendships in the Star Stable Online community. I thank my lucky stars that the community has been so welcoming. It’s the break I need from the strain of the pandemic.

Player: @witchfire_sso


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