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10th Anniversary ambassador interview with Rosalie Moonnest 

Rosalie started playing Star Stable Online in 2014 and she became an ambassador in 2017. She's from Poland.

On the in-game experience

Playing the game wasn’t that pleasant of an experience at first, but it was engaging, especially the story. Star Stable Online is where I first met the Soul Riders and the Dark Riders, who I really liked (I always pine for the bad guys). So it was their story that pulled me in, and I stayed to see it develop. It’s changed for the better, and it’s still developing. I want to find out where they’re taking us.

On supporting younger players

So many of the other players are kids (many are ten years younger than me), so I’ve basically seen them grow up. My role is like a big sister most of the time, although the players I'm closest to call me Grandma. They know my age but they think it’s fitting nonetheless. They are lovely people. 

On the positive impact of being in the StarFam

The Star Stable team are such positive people, and this affects the community. I appreciate it because I’m not that positive of a person, it isn’t really my style. But I think I can pull it off and eventually learn from them. 

I’ve just had the chance to patch things up with another community member. It was funny to see her reaction to me showing support for her efforts. She was shocked! But I have this big sister role, so I needed to show others that there shouldn’t be clashes. I should be a role model to my friends - and the whole community. The ambassador guidebook helped me realize that. 

We have to get rid of toxicity before it spreads. Toxicity is present in any community, but I’d hate to see it win over in any part of the StarFam. 

On the Star Stable Online community vs. other games communities 

I’m a big-time gamer, and most of the time, I play combat-based games. Star Stable Online is my escape from those aggressive titles. When I play it, I’m just chilling. I dress up my horse, I dress up my rider, and I do some quests. No killing! 

The communities around those types of games are different. They’re certainly more competitive and there is more negativity. In the Star Stable community, most people are positive. I saw that for myself when I announced a creative project. People didn’t know exactly what I was planning, but they were excited - they still are! I don’t know if I would have had that experience in a different community. 

Perhaps it has to do with most players being girls. You know, it’s girls supporting girls. But there are also a lot of younger players, and the game isn’t that competitive. Its focus on making friends, chatting, riding together fosters a positive relationship between users. 


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