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10th Anniversary ambassador interview with Paulina Marulewska 

Paulina started playing Star Stable Online in 2012. She was one of the first people to become an Ambassador in 2017. She is from Poland. 

On discovering Star Stable Online 

My best friend and I had played Star Shine Legacy together, which is how my adventure in Jorvik began. When she found out a new game was coming, she told me immediately because we were crazy about horses and spooky stories, so, of course, we were excited about Star Stable Online. I remember very clearly that I loved it so much that it was all I could think about when I woke up in the morning. I loved riding around on my horse and exploring Jorvik, and because I was 12 years old, my imagination meant I could imagine riding around like that even in real life.

On the positive impact of the Star Stable Online community

Everyone is very different, but in general, our community is very positive and creative. We share what we create and engage with each other's content. This encourages you to create even more because when people say they like what you’re doing, it feels like they see you. I’m a naturally creative person, but being part of the community has helped focus my imagination, and that’s had a positive impact on me. What I love most about the community is that it brings the best out of me.

Being part of the Star Stable community is something that can’t be described. The overwhelming feelings of love and support are something you have to experience yourself to understand why the players are so dedicated.

On the empowering experience of Star Stable Online

Feminism is important in my life. I live in a country that doesn’t respect women’s rights. There are many nations in the world where what women feel isn’t respected. And the games industry isn’t friendly to girls, either. Star Stable is so special because it empowers us. It’s the first game I’ve found that does that. It has strong female characters that are important to the story, where my experience of other online games is that it’s all sexist jokes and terrible comments. That is what is so amazing about Star Stable. It’s safe to be here, to be a girl, and to be a girl gamer. It’s not something I’ve found elsewhere. 

On the transformative power of playing Star Stable Online

Star Stable is where I learned to speak English. I joined an English Club when there were no Polish servers, so I had to learn. When I attended Star Stable Live, that was the first time I spoke English fully, all the time, and in everyday situations. I was 18!

On becoming an ambassador

When I found out I was an ambassador, I was in Stockholm. I have a friend there (who I met playing Star Stable Online), and we were sitting in a cafe when a social media post went live that announced I was an ambassador. I was in exactly the right place at that moment because my two biggest dreams were to visit Stockholm and to become a Star Stable Online ambassador. It was a huge deal for me. Now my dream is to work at Star Stable. Becoming an ambassador feels like a big step toward that.

About us Star Stable

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