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10th Anniversary ambassador interview with Jasmína Dhibi 

Jasmine started playing Star Stable Online in 2014, and she became an ambassador in 2021. She is from the Czech Republic. 

On why Star Stable Online is a positive, safe space 

Jorvik is very special. The people I meet there are usually very friendly, and it’s a safe place for younger players and older gamers, too. Sometimes there are bad conversations, but there is always someone to step up and tell people that they shouldn’t behave that way. And it’s not always an ambassador or someone from the moderation team. It's just players trying to make the experience better for others. 

On making lifelong friends in the game

I’ve been playing for six years, so I’ve basically grown up with this game, and it’s helped me understand the world better. By having these conversations, I've learned about the traditions and cultures of other people. 

One of my earliest memories was unlocking Dino Valley, where I met one of my first online friends. We started talking and, through her, I met other people, too. That was how I met one of my best friends who I now ride with in real life. Five years ago, I met another best friend while playing and we started a Riding Club together. It doesn’t exist anymore, but I’m still in touch with the people who were in the Club, even people who don’t play Star Stable Online anymore. These are friends for life, honestly. 

I couldn’t have imagined that at ten years old, I’d meet most of my best friends playing this game. It’s unbelievable. 

On the influence of Star Stable on her love of riding

I’m a huge horse lover. I’ve loved horses all my life, and I started riding around the same age that I started playing Star Stable Online. I still ride now! I think Star Stable Online was what motivated me to take riding seriously.

On becoming an ambassador

With the pandemic, I had more time so I started my social media accounts. That helped me reach my goal of becoming an ambassador. When I first started playing, I wrote on the Star Stable Online Facebook page to ask if we could work together. I wanted to be an ambassador even before it was invented! So obviously, the day I became an ambassador was one of the best days of my life - ever. I got a message from Game Master Stefania asking me to be an ambassador, and I started shaking, pacing all around the apartment, and crying! And I called my friends to say, Guys, I made it! It was such an amazing feeling. I’m super proud. 

On Star Stable Online as an escape

Star Shine Legacy came out when I was born, so even if I wanted to be an old-school fan, it’s not even possible! I’d say I was born for Star Stable Online. It’s definitely helped me have a more positive outlook. Before I started focusing on the game, I was focused on stressful stuff in my real life. Sometimes life is just too much, and you need to relax, so I used Jorvik to escape.

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